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Libera:Angle Voices 4 Albums!! พิเศษสำหรับเพื่อนๆ ที่ชอบเสียงของเหล่าเทวดาตัวน้อยๆ ~ท่านใดมีลูกมีหลานลองหยิบไปให้ฟัง ..อนาคตใครจะรู้อาจจะเริ่มที่งานชุดนี้ก็ได้!~♬

Libera : Angel Voices

Libera is a non-profit all-boy vocal group directed by Robert Prizeman. Their name comes from their signature song "Libera," which is based on the Libera Me portion of the Requiem Mass. "Libera" is the Latin word for "free". Most of the boys in Libera come from the parish choir of St. Philip's, Norbury, in South London. The albums, tours and TV appearances the boys do as Libera are in addition to their regular singing as part of the full choir of men and boys at parish choral services. According to a Songs of Praise TV special that aired January 25, 2009, the choir has approximately forty boys between the ages of seven and sixteen. This includes new boys who are not yet ready to fully participate in albums or tours. Nineteen boys participated in their 2008 US tour. Twenty four boys sang for the album New Dawn. The boys come from a variety of backgrounds in the London area, attending many different schools, including lo! cal state schools, church schools and performing arts schools. Libera recruits boys from any religious denomination and even those with no religious affiliations. Most boys join between the ages of seven and ten, however older boys may join if they have the appropriate singing abilities.~Wikipedia~

Libera - Luminosa (2001)
EAC | FLAC+log+cue | full scans | Warner 0927 40117-2 | 1CD

01. Vespera (Te lucis / Before the ending)
02. Ave Maria (Caccini)
03. Lacrymosa (based on Aquarium by Saint-Saens)
04. Sacris Solemnis (based on Symphony 7 by Beethoven)
05. Attendite
06. Gaudete
07. Silencium
08. Semele (Where e'er you walk by Handel)
09. Luminosa (based on Claire de Lune by Debussy)
10. Stabat
11. Veni Sancte
12. Sanctus II (based on Canon by Pachelbel)
Credit: jkiht9

Libera - Free (2004)
EAC | FLAC+log, no cue | full scans | EMI 5 57823 2 | 1CD

01. I am the day
02. Stay with me
03. Voca me
04. A song of enchantment
05. Ave verum
06. Do not stand at my grave
07. When a knight
08. A new heaven
09. I vow to thee my country
10. Lament
11. Twilight
12. Be still my soul
13. Adoramus
Credit: irtamsk4

Libera - Visions (2005)
1CD | 51:44 | FLAC | EMI 3 39862 2

01. Locus Iste (Sanctus / Pachelbel Canon)
02. Always With You
03. Ave Maria
04. Libera
05. Sempiterna
06. Prayer (from Hansel und Gretel, Humperdinck)
07. Recordare
08. Wings of a Dove
09. Something Sings
10. New Day
11. We Are the Lost
12. Sing For Ever
13. Abide With Me
Credit: irtamsk4

Libera - Eternal (2008)
2CD | lossless | FLAC+cue+log | full scans | EMI 2 42696 2

01. You were there (theme from Nobody to watch over me by Muramatsu)*
02. Sanctus (based on Canon by Pachelbel)
03. Mother of God (Tavener)*
04. Salva me
05. Love and Mercy (Brian Wilson)
06. Sancte
07. Secret (based on Le Secret by Silvestre)
08. Do not stand
09. Always with you
10. Libera
11. Ave Maria (Caccini)
12. Gaudete*
13. Air on the G string (Bach)
14. I am the day
15. We are the lost
16. Sempiterna - the remix*
01. Orinoco Flow (Enya)
02. Far Away (Muramatsu)
03. Gloria (based on Organ Symphony by Saint-Saens)
04. Voca me
05. Sing for ever
06. Rest in peace
07. Adoramus
08. May the road rise up
09. Ave Maria
10. Prayer (from Hansel und Gretel by Humperdinck)
11. How can I keep from singing*
12. Be still my soul (Sibelius)
13. Stay with me
14. Recordare
15. Going Home (based on Largo, Symphony 9 by Dvorak)
16. Heaven*
Credit: irtamsk4 (*new tracks)

★.★.★ You were there ★.★.★
★.★.★ Orinoco Flow ★.★.★
★.★.★ Sing for ever ★.★.★
★.★.★ Stay With Me ★.★.★
★.★.★ Gaudete ★.★.★
★.★.★ Always With You ★.★.★
★.★.★ Libera ★.★.★
★.★.★ Love and Mercy ★.★.★

:yoyo82: ขอออกตัวสักนิดนะครับว่า ถ้านำอัลบั้ม Free (2004) กับ Vision (2005)
ไปตรวจกับ AudioChecker แล้วอย่าเพิ่งตกใจนะครับว่าทำไมไม่ผ่าน ผมลองตรวจกับ Specto
แล้วยังขอให้คุณลุงโยช่วยฟันธงให้อีกทีแล้ว ไม่มีปัญหาครับ Lossless แท้ครับ

นอกจากอัลบั้ม Eternal (2008) ที่เป็นอัลบั้มรวมเพลงแล้ว อัลบั้มเดี่ยวที่น่าฟังมากที่สุด
เห็นจะเป็น Vision (2005) ครับ ...เห็นคุณลุงโยหยิบมาปล่อยแล้วขายดิบขายดี เอ๊ย!!
เพื่อนๆ น่าจะชอบกัน เลยหยิบอัลบั้มที่ยังไม่ได้อัพมาเก็บตกให้ด้วย สนใจก็มาหยิบไปฟังกันครับ~

ปล่อยช้าๆ เหมือนเดิมจร้า~  :yoyo86:


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