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George Harrison - Cloud Nine (1987) [VINYL] (US pressing plus bonus tracks, 16-bit audio)

George Harrison
"Cloud Nine"
US pressing (Dark Horse Records W1 25643)

Cloud Nine ประสบความสำเร็จเมื่อปี 1987 การกลับมาของ George Harrison
อัดและวางขายหลังจากที่ห่างหายไป 5 ปีจากวงการ
มีเพลงฮิต "Got My Mind Set on You"
George Harrison – Vocals, guitars, keyboards, sitar
Jeff Lynne – Guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards
Eric Clapton – Guitar
Elton John – Piano
Gary Wright – Piano
Ringo Starr – Drums
Jim Keltner – Drums
Ray Cooper – Percussion, drums
Jim Horn – Baritone and tenor sax
Bobby Kok – Cello

The tracks

1."Cloud 9" – 3:17
2."That's What It Takes" (George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Gary Wright) – 4:00
3."Fish On The Sand" – 3:24
4."Just For Today" – 4:05
5."This Is Love" (George Harrison, Jeff Lynne) – 3:49
6."When We Was Fab" – (George Harrison, Jeff Lynne) - 3:56
7."Devil's Radio" – 3:55
8."Someplace Else" – 3:52
9."Wreck Of The Hesperus" – 3:33
10."Breath Away From Heaven" – 3:35
11."Got My Mind Set On You" (Rudy Clark) – 3:52

Bonus tracks:
12. "Lay His Head" from a US 7-inch 45rpm pressing – 3:51
13."Got My Mind Set On You" extended version from the UK 12-inch single – 5:20
14. "Lay His Head" from the UK 12-inch single – 3:51

อุปกรณ์ในการ Ripped
-Technics SL-1900 direct drive turntable running an Ortofon 2M Black cartridge
-Underwood/Parts Connexion performance-modified PS Audio GCPH phono preamp
-E-MU 1212M sound card
The audio was captured at 192/32-bit (float)
All pops & clicks were removed manually in Audition. No EQ or NR has been added.
Sample rate conversion to 96kHz & 44.1kHz and down-converting to 16-bit audio was accomplished via iZotope RX Advanced.

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