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The Bee Gees - UK TV Appearances 1997(คนละปีกับงานที่แล้ว)10ปีต่อมา งานคลาสสิคอีกตัวครับของสุดยอด วงตำนานอย่าง The Bee Gees ชมรายละเอียดด้านในคลิกเลยครับ

The Bee Gees - UK TV Appearances 1997
From Hunger City

Source: Various UK Broadcasts recorded onto PANASONIC NICAM HIFI STEREO VHS
Captured: Panasonic DVDR
Picture: PAL 4:3  25fp/s 720x576 Around 8.5Mbps
Sound : MPEG 2.0 384 kbps (Stereo)
Menued and authored using TMPGenc

01. Alone (Noel s House Party 97)
02. Gotcha (Noel s House Party 97)
03. Words (Des O Connor 97)
04. Interview - Des O Connor(Des O Connor 97)
05. To Love Somebody (Des O Connor 97)
06. Massachusetts (Des O Connor 97)
07. How Deep Is Your Love (Des O Connor 97)
08. Alone (Des O Connor 97)
09. Brit Award (Brits 97)
10. To Love Somebody (Brits 97)
11. Massachusetts (Brits 97)
12. Words (Brits 97)
13. How Deep Is Your Love (Brits 97)
14. Jive Talking (Brits 97)
15. Staying Alive (Brits 97)
16. You Should Be Dancing (Brits 97)
17. Alone (TOTP 97)
18. Love You More (Turner 97)
19. Interview - Chris Evans (TFI Friday 97)
20. Jive Talking (TFI Friday 97)

This transfer is from my own master VHS recording made during original UK broadcasts.

There is the very occasional glitch which appeared on my original tapes.

The menu to access individual tracks works OK on my PC and one of my DVD players however I ve noticed it can be a bit clunky on my other DVD player. Nothing serious but be warned.

Lineage - Analogue Broadcasts>Panasonic HIFI STEREO NICAM VHS>Panasonic DVDR>RAM Disc>PC>DVD

Credit : xmen9

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