Sunday, December 5, 2010

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* หน่าย เซียนหูทอง * Kharma - Burn In CD

Kharma - Burn In CD (2007)
1CD | EAC Rip | FLAC(Image)+Cue+Log | Scans | 360.11MB (+3% Rec)
Release: 2007 | Label: Kharma Akash Records | Genre: Instrumental


On this CD you will find more than 70 minutes of sound of a great variety of musical instruments ranging from the lowest organ to the highest piccolo. I've recorded all sorts of instrumentals that have a great influence on the production of sound through loundspeakers, cables, CD-players and amplifiers. I don't like the use of static frequencies like 22Hz, 100Hz, 1500Hz and so on. With the sound from natural instruments we feed your system with the whole frequency spectrum and impulses at the same time.

1. Low/high Organ
2. Percussian High
3. Percussian Low
4. Percussian Very High
5. Piano Low/High
6. Percussian Very Fast From Small Instruments
7. Flute picollo, Bassax, Tenorsax And Double Bass
8. Sound Library STS Television Production (Part of STS Digital)
9. Demagnetising CD Track

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